Bibliolatry: is it lurking beneath your Bible study? And how you do you even say it?

“Bibliolatry” aka Bible worship. Is there a way we can turn Bible study into a sinful habit? Can we elevate scripture to a point where we are worshiping the Bible? What about the possibility of knowing the Bible, but not knowing Jesus?

Betsy and Michelle discuss two common origins of this thought: Christian liberalism and hyper-charismatic camps. We also briefly touch on pastors who apostatize and KJV-onlyism.

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Below are some further clarifications for this particular episode:

WOTT holds to to the 5 Solas, including Sola Scriptura; meaning that the only authoritative, divinely inspired text, is the Bible. The Bible is infallible and inerrant in its original text and is fully sufficient for salvation and godliness. We also believe that it is beneficial to utilize the knowledge and wisdom that God has gifted faithful biblical scholars to better understand scripture, but that scripture is illuminated to the believer by the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives, we would be hopeless to understand scripture to a salvific end.


In line with Sola Scriptura, WOTT believes that the office of apostle and prophet are no longer active and that the only sure place we can hear the voice of God is through the Spirit inspired text of the Bible.


For further information on what WOTT believe regarding these matters, you may benefit from listening to our earlier episode on prophecy, called: fortune cookie prophecy –

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