Fight the Good Fight: Enduring Spiritual Apathy

Many Christians struggle frequently with spiritual apathy. Sometimes we find it hard to feel joy in reading God’s word, serving others, fighting sin, and loving God. Betsy and Michelle investigate why we need to fight the sin of apathy, common causes, and how the Spirit gives us the ability to contend with Apathy.

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America’s Religion: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

When prosperity gospel, word of faith, pragmatism, cultural Christianity and man-centered theology collide, you get the hideous creature called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. Coined by a team of sociologists, this American religion hides in plain sight. Join Betsy and Michelle as they discuss the core tenants, easy to spot signs, and how to counteract this all too common belief system within American evangelical churches.


Service to the Glory of God

This week’s episode of WotT is hosted by Betsy and her husband Travis! Travis and Betsy sit down to discuss how serving the body of Christ is a call for all Christians. They look to the Bible to see examples of Jesus serving his people and how every act service should bring glory to God. They also offer up practical points on how to serve and how not to. We hope this episode spurs you on to love and serve the church even more!

The Soul of the Sluggard

This week Michelle and Betsy talk about laziness and productivity! The effects of our laziness goes beyond dirty dishes and laundry (even though that is important). Laziness gives way to complacency and bad excuses for not taking care of what God has given to us. The girls discuss how God created work to be good and how we can honor God at our jobs inside and outside of the home. They go beyond opinions and look at what the bible has to say!